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I have worked as a cinematographer the past 11 years, during the last 8 on a professional level. While originally from Malmö, Sweden, I do work on a world-wide basis (i.e. UK, Hungary, Poland, Cambodia, Thailand). I am well versed in both digital cinematography (Alexa, Red Epic, Sony F65) and shooting colour and b/w 35 & 16mm and have a working relationship with Panavision UK & Poland.

During the summer of 2016 I completed shooting my second feature film, Kungen av Atlantis, directed by Marina Nyström - which is aiming for a theatrical release in late 2017. During autumn 2016 the sci-fi feature Bieffekterna ("Origin" in international markets) is making its way to Swedish cinemas, after an international film festival tour.

Recently, I have also acted as cinematographer on Mr. Sugar Daddy, a short film screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. I am currently studying my third year of the MFA course in Cinematography at the Polish National Film School.

My latest work

Featured Projects

Bigger projects I'm currently involved in.

Kungen av Atlantis

Feature film, to be released in 2017. Samuel lives at home with his schizophrenic father Magnus. When Cleo comes into his life, everything changes. Directed by Marina Nyström. Starring Philip Zandén, Happy Jankell & Simon Settergren. Shot during the summer of 2016 on the Arri Alexa XT with Zeiss Master Prime lenses.

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Mr. Sugar Daddy

Short film with support from Film i Skåne, developed by Pop! Media. Hans falls for young Andrzej and is thrown into a game that does not allow any winner.

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Nils Croné, Cinematographer

Available for feature- and short-length projects, working world-wide. Experience in both 35 / 16mm and digital cinematography (Alexa, Red, Panasonic, Sony F65 etc.). Working relationship with Panavision UK & Poland.

Email: nils@rhp.se

+ 46 (0) 768 94 22 35 (Sweden)

+ 48 530 544 758 (Poland)

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