Nils Croné


Growing up with stills cameras all around me made photography an essential part of my upbringing. When I was 11 years old, my family bought a MiniDV camera. I started to drag friends and family into short films. A few years later I started more and more combine my interest in photography with my filmmaking - today I\'m active as a cinematographer on small and big projects throughout Europe.

I\'ve worked as a cinematographer on such films as the award-winning Kärlek kl 03.56 & Double Trouble, and as camera assistant on the popular TV series The Bridge. I\'ve also co-operated with companies like SVT, Way Creative Films, Anagram Film & Smartfilm.

Recently, I acted as Director of Photography on the sci-fi feature Bieffekterna, due to be released in 2016. I\'m currently studying for my Master\'s Degree in Cinematography at the Polish National Film & Television School.

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Sci-fi feature film, to be released in 2016. Three students at a Swedish university make a discovery that will change their lives forever. A story about love, ambition and finding yourself. With Emelia Hansson, Rikard Björk, Sandra Redlaff & Rafael Pettersson.

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Mr. Sugar Daddy

Short film with support from Film i Skåne, developed by Pop! Media. Hans falls for young Andrzej and is thrown into a game that does not allow any winner.

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